Building Solidarity

Accompaniment and Convening
Because we believe that solidarity forms the strong roots of any movement, we prioritise spaces of mutual learning, reciprocity and radical connection. We convene partners locally, regionally and globally, provide secretariat services for nascent networks, and support learning exchanges locally and transnationally. Purposeful is proud to provide holistic support to a whole host of organisations – from those led directly by girls, to others just embarking on journeys to centre girls in their work.
The Sierra Leone Adolescent Girls Network - 150 powerful partners fighting for girls rights and freedom
When Ebola hit in 2014, a loose coalition of partners came together to share and support each other as they fought to include girls in aid and recovery efforts.The Sierra Leone Adolescent Girls Network - supported, convened and funded byPurposeful - has since grown to a coalition of over 150 local, national and international organisations. The network shares resources and evidence-based best practice and coordinates, campaigns and catalyses collective voice with and on behalf of girls. The unprecedented power of so many organisations speaking with one voice and one vision across spaces and places in Sierra Leone has meant a level of attention and resources for girls unimaginable even a few years ago.
Purposeful incubates the Black Tuesday movement
After a group of young women took to the streets of Freetown one Tuesday wearing Black to protest the horrific rates of sexual violence in Sierra Leone, a movement was born. Purposeful has been providing rapid response funding, coordination and communications support to Black Tuesday, with some unprecedented results. On 7th February 2019 thePresident of Sierra Leone declared rape and other forms of sexual violence a national emergency, committing the full weight of the presidency to tackling this horror. Purposeful is now working with the Executive and civil society partners to design a strategy that stays true to the needs and demands of the movement.
Purposeful brings feminist political education to young-women mentors across Sierra Leone
Purposeful is launching a new political education and consciousness-raising initiative with young women mentors who collectively support many thousands of adolescent girls through safe spaces in rural and urban Sierra Leone. In partnership with feminist elders on the Continent and globally, we are designing a curriculum that foregrounds discussions of power and patriarchy, supporting mentors to critically analyse the forces of marginalisation in communities, and equipping them with the African feminist tools of liberation that are our greatest hope for collective freedom.
Collaborating across movements and borders:
transnational funding for girl activists
A new fund to support transnational movement-building with and for girls has launched. The fund provides opportunities for existing award winners to collaborate across borders and issue areas, exchange solutions and amplify the power of their collective voices. Many extraordinary partnerships have emerged from the new fund, from a new media project to share truth of violence against girls in South Africa, Kenya and the USA; to a partnership between survivors of trafficking in Pakistan and Serbia. Across places and spaces, girls are coming together to reimagine the future of their movements. To read more about new projects and partnerships forming between Kyrgyzstan and Russia, across CentralAmerica, between the UK and Morocco, and so much more in between, please click here.