Catalysing collaborative philanthropy

The With and For Girls Awards
Less than 2 cents of every $1 spent on international aid is directed towards adolescent girls (World Bank). In response to this critical deficit, in 2014 a group of nine funders including Comic Relief, EMpower, FRIDA – the YoungFeminist Fund, MamaCash, Nike Foundation, Novo Foundation, Plan International UK, Stars Foundation and The Global Fund for Children came together to form the With and For Girls Awards, hosted at Purposeful.  The Awards recognise the extraordinary work of girl-led and girl-centred organisations, providing flexible funding and leveraging a participatory approach to grant-making. Since 2014, With and For Girls has awarded close to $2 million of flexible funds to60 girl-led and girl-centered organisations in 41 countries. 
Reframing power in philanthropy:
a participatory approach to grant making
A unique feature of the With and For Girls Award isn’t just its mission, but its design: we entwine the participation and agency of girls throughout the grant-making process. In addition to working with networks and thought leaders to nominate girls for the awards, girls across multiple regions lead in the selection process, ultimately choosing which peers should receive an award. Girls are supported through a holistic training and accompaniment process, where they engage deeply with the lives of girls across their region, learn about each other’s work, how to understand and analyse nominees applications, and lead on the interview process as part of all-girl decision-making panels. We are thrilled to have launched the 2019 With and For Girls Awards to find 25 new incredible girl-led and girl-centered groups around the world. 
Girls, the agents of change. Learning from a global approach to funding grassroots, girl-led and girl-centered organisations
A new report into grassroots funding - by girls and for girls - has launched. An external evaluation is supporting the Collective to deepen and expand our work whilst acting as a blueprint for others seeking to centre girls in their philanthropic practices. Twelve girls from award-winning organisations in Kenya and Nepal participated in the research - receiving specialist participatory action research training, interviewing award winners, analysing data and providing a set of core recommendations about how we can deepen our support to, with and for girls. Findings from the report, including the need to support the smallest groups with the lowest income threshold, are being included in the latest Awards rounds.

Download the Executive Summary and Full Report.
Building visibility: Specialist funds for girls participation
Supporting girls to advocate for their own rights and freedoms, on their own terms and in their own words, is a fundamental value of the With and For Girls Collective. However, without resource, organisations struggle to mobilise and access vital spaces of connection. The With and For Girls Visibility Fund supports existing Award Winners to travel to global peer spaces, events and conferences so that grass roots girl leaders have the space, opportunity and platform to share their stories, access resources and build new partnerships. Through this fund, girls are coming together with peers and with broader donor and development leaders.Trips from Cameroon to New York, Palestine to Bangkok and Barbados to Vancouver are just a few opportunities the Visibility Fund has helped support.