Innovation in girls’ programming

Incubating new ideas for girls at the grassroots
Purposeful brings together evidence-based best practice, movement theory and feminist programming principles to incubate new services and support structures with and for girls. We pilot new ideas through a range of incubator models, sharing insights with peers to help deepen and expand the impact of all of our work. We pursue strategies that centre the collective liberation of girls, prioritising activities that build girls’ power and in so doing, dismantle the structures of oppression that hold girls and everyone back. Over the next 3 years we will be sharing learnings from a major new program through a thought-leadership series, white-papers and learning events in West Africa and globally. Please check back soon for more details.
Purposeful launches major Safe Space + model
with partners across Sierra Leone

Purposeful is launching a major newSafe Space+ programme, supported by the UK Department for International Development, in partnership with the Population Council and grassroots groups across Sierra Leone. This new programme brings together many years of evidence-based best practice on the safe space model, layered with innovative programme additions and will directly reach 15,000 girls across 6 districts, underpinned by the creation of a National Mentors Training Academy.  
Purposeful to launch new land, solar and transport
business incubator for adolescent girls 
With support from DFID, Purposeful has secured funds to launch a collectivised income generation initiative with and for girls. Rooted in the fundamental need to support girls to access and control their own means of production, the new program will provide core funds and specialist mentorship, bank accounts and other start-up assets. In line with movement theory and in response to the ways in which girls are organising and strategising in their communities to keep themselves safe and build group power, businesses will be run communally and income shared.