Resourcing resistance

Feminist funding for girls and their allies.
Purposeful provides financial resources in the form of grants and awards to girls and their allies fighting on the front lines of oppression. We support a host of grassroots partners, many girl-led, unregistered or receiving formal funding for the very first time. We redistribute resources to girls and the groups that support them as one way of redressing power disparities – in community, in broader philanthropic and development spaces, and in the world at large. As such, the way we give is as important as what we give, with girls from across the globe defining the parameters of our grant-making through a range of participatory models.
Purposeful’s Karo Kura grant-making supports grassroots
groups across Sierra Leone
Purposeful is supporting a burgeoning movement of grassroots girl-centred organisations, deeply rooted in community, led by girls and women who are normally not eligible for international funding. Our core portfolio supports a range of organisations and activities - from spark grants for the smallest organisations or collectives, national grants for those seeking to scale their work with girls, to emergency action grants to support rapid response with and for girls during political, environmental and man-made crisis.  
Purposeful launches new cash awards to fuel girls’ resistance
Across Sierra Leone - and the world - girls and young women are resisting everyday on the very front lines of oppression, in their homes, school and communities.Purposeful is working to build a model to fuel their resistance - and strengthen the movement - by building a power base of girl activists and their allies across the country. This year, we will launch a micro-grants cash award scheme, utilising the latest mobile technology and other innovative means to provide long-term flexible resources for the girl activists the world has forgotten.  
Purposeful partners with the Fund for Global Human Rights on a new participatory grant-making model
Purposeful is supporting a child-led process to design a new participatory grant-making model for child-led groups across Sierra Leone. In deep partnership, Purposeful and FGHR will spend the next year understanding how to meaningfully include girls in designing and running a participatory fund, whilst also understanding more fully the needs, realities and challenges of child-led activism in Sierra Leone.